Genuine LG AN-MR3007 32LS570S 37LS575S 42LS575T TV Remote 60PM970T-ZA


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Before you buy Genuine LG AN-MR3007 32LS570S 37LS575S 42LS575T TV Remote please check your device is compatible.

Known Compatible Models:

– LG LED LCD 3D TV’s –
– 32LS570S
– 32LS570T
– 32LS5700
– 32LS5700-TB
– 32LS575S
– 32LS575T
– 37LS570S
– 37LS570S-ZB
– 37LS570T-ZB
– 37LS575S
– 37LS575S-ZB
– 37LS575T-ZB
– 42LS575T
– 42LS570T-ZB
– 42PM4700-ZA
– 42PM470S-ZA
– 42PM470T-ZA
– 47LM640T
– 47LM6410
– 47LM640S-ZA
– 50PM4700-ZA
– 50PM470S-ZA
– 50PM470T-ZA
– 50PM6700-ZD
– 50PM670S-ZD
– 50PM670T-ZD
– 50PM670S-ZA
– 50PM671S-ZA
– 50PM6800-ZF
– 50PM680S-ZF
– 50PM680T-ZF
– 50PM9700-ZA
– 50PM970S-ZA
– 50PM970T-ZA
– 55LM7600
– 55LM7600-UA
– 55LM7600-TA
– 55LM760T-ZB
– 60PM6700-ZD
– 60PM670S-ZD
– 60PM670T-ZD
– 60PM6800-ZF
– 60PM680S-ZF
– 60PM680T-ZF
– 60PM9700-ZA
– 60PM970S-ZA
– 60PM970T-ZA
– May not be a complete list.


Select models require a dongle which is not included in this sale. Please check if you
require a dongle before making your purchase.

Registering Your Remote With The TV:

Press the ‘OK‘ or ‘WHEEL‘ button and point the remote at the TV. Remote should now be registered (paired).

If remote fails to register:
Press and hold the ‘BACK‘ & ‘HOME‘ buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.
The light red light above the power button will light.
Repeat step one.

All used remotes are tested with an infrared fob tester/Bluetooth receiver or with a
compatible device and operate as intended. They are also cleaned and sanitised.
Batteries are not included. You will require 2 x AA batteries to operate Genuine LG AN-MR3007 32LS570S 37LS575S 42LS575T TV Remote.
This is a used remote with minor scuffs, marks. As pictured.


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